In the 1990s, new facilities at the airport spurred quite a few new businesses.

There are seven service shops with most of this business coming from other area.

Flight school activities located at the airport with indications that this activity will increase.




There are two valid air charter operation s on the airport: one catering to the U.S. military for personnel movement utilizing nine, 16, and 30-passenger airplanes, and the other operator serving the needs of the power line patrol. A very popular glider ride operation is located on the eh airport form Thanksgiving through Memorial Day. The airport infield also plays host to a banner towing advertising business, the only one between Stuart and Fort Lauderdale.


The airport has had three fatalities in it's history: an air show accident, pilot error, a fighter trainer, pilot error; and the heart attack of a multi-engine pilot on take off. There have been seven mid-air strikes with six destroyed aircraft. There were no injuries as a result of these mid air strikes two were training operations and two involved helicopters. Interestingly enough, all but one involved an aircraft or helicopter who were not based at Lantana Airport. In no case has the design or facilities played a part in the cause.

The airport in the past has played a considerable part in the emerging development of the Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands north of Haiti. It has also been an important jump-off place for general aviation activities through these islands and further into the Caribbean. Over the last 10 years, this activity has reduced for the entire seaboard due to the drug activities and the positions taken by adjacent governments in regards to the controversy over property ownership. Several committees assist the FBO and the Department of Airports, including: the Lantana Airport User Committee, a chartered non-profit corporation; the Lantana Airport Safety Committee, formed under the auspices of the FAA; and the Department of Airports, Lantana Airport's Noise Committee was formed by local interested parties and authorized by County Commission action.