Gassaway managed to maintain a working relationship with both the community and general aviation.




During the late 1960s and early 1970s, a series of executive jets used the airport. The county commission, with intense neighborhood pressure, passed an ordinance banning all jets. Since that time, the airport has become a very good neighbor with intense aviation committee activities to educate the surrounding inhabitants. For example, letters in a file indicate junior college, located on the northern portion of the county park, has no concern of the noise impact of the airport.


The planning of a South County airport to replace the existing Boca Raton Airport had a very direct effect on Lantana Airport. When site selections were being made for the south county airport, opponents pointed out that the community was not going to allow the county to build and manage an airport when they had shown a lack to true interest or ability in the managing of the airport system. They concluded Lantana was a disgrace with worn out buildings and inadequate facilities. This spurred the county to upgrade FAA applications for federal aid for ramp and infrastructure improvements, including landscaping.



Owen Today

Owen Gassaway in 1976