Many converted civilian airlines were also utilizing the airport at Lantana: Lockheed Constellations, Hawker Sidleys, Dart Herald, British Viscounts, etc.

Left: The airfield in 1963


There were no noise complaints, even with this heavy iron operation, because the area was sparsely populated around the airport until 1956. Developers, however, told new home owners the airport was going to be moved. This effort was made in the late 1960s when a local county commissioner joined with the Sherbrook six miles west of the airport.


During this period, Lantana Airport presented a sub-standard aviation picture to those who visited Palm Beach County as Boca Raton was not opened until 1961. Operators could not make meaningful investments because of the reluctance of the county to make long-term leases available. At one time, there were four separate operators on the south side of the airport. After the heyday of the 1950s only two operators remained until 1964, when one remained. Again, only modest improvements were needed as Palm Beach International was opened to all general aviation. Boca Raton Airport, 18 miles south, also became operational, catering to south county aviation needs.